About Count Discount

CountDiscount is designed as an interactive way to find out which car insurance discounts you may apply for. You may always be sure that your insurance agent won't forget to calculate multiplying factors for your insurance premiums. Of course, underestimation is not in their favor. But often you may apply for one or many car insurance discounts and get a significant price reduction. Unless you are an insurance agent, you may feel here that it's a good idea to have the handy list of your applicable reductions when you go for your insurance policy, and this is where CountDiscount comes to the scene. We investigate discounts in major American insurance companies, and you can get a handy list of those applicable in your particular situation by simply filling a short questionnaire. You then may view your discounts list (where insurers get ordered by the total number of discounts that they my offer to you), print it or send it to your email address to access later. Easy dizzy!

So, go and try it right now, or get in touch with us if you came here with something else on your mind!